‘Vitaelux’ is derived from the Latin meaning ‘Light of Life’. Luxury living that is ethically made and sustainable is the philosophy that Vitaelux stands by. 

                                         “Choose well, Buy Less, Make it Last!”

Vitaelux was formed in 2019  by company founder Ozlem Demirkol, supports artisan communities in Turkey, who produce beautifully crafted cotton products, using centuries-old traditional methods. Dating back to the ancient city of Antioch, the exceptional heritage means customers can benefit from handmade ethical products, and the craftsmen and women producing them pass on their skills to future generations.


Alongside the luxury handmade products, Vitaelux supplies 100% Turkish cotton home textiles that are premium quality, sustainable, ethically sourced to HOTELS, SPAS, and the HOSPITALITY SECTOR globally.


We Work Well With                               Products

Hotels and Spas                                    Hotel Linens 

Hospitality Sector                                  Towel Sets

Hospitals                                                Bath Mats

Corporates                                             Bathrobes     


– We Offer premium quality traditional towels and Hotel linens.

– We care are about ethically sourced and made products and make sure all our products are fairly traded.

– All Viatelux home textile products meet all hospitality sector cotton-based product needs and are all sustainable.

– Promotional gifts, branded clothing, and bespoke service is always available.

-We also work well with fashion labels, who look to get their garments made in Turkey.


Vitaelux products are all produced in Turkey. We also offer bespoke service to our clients which means we can personalise and produce any home textile-based product to your company/brand’s requirements. If you are looking for a promotional gift or home textiles that are sustainable, premium quality, Oeko-tex certified, and ethically sourced, then look no further than Vitaelux.  We can help and meet your expectations without a shadow!