We want the enlightened attitudes of our business customers to be the light that enables traditional crafts and skills to flourish in an overly manufactured, less eco-friendly world.

We hope you share our vision on sustainable products and take this journey with us. We can be your company’s supplier of a wide variety of high-quality cotton-based goods.

We offer products such as:

  • Polo Shirts
  • Winter Fleeces
  • T-Shirts
  • Totes Bags


We can provide a wide range of cotton-based products – please let us know if you are looking for a specific cotton-based product.

Vitaelux has strategic partnerships with cotton producers and manufacturers, so that we can offer high quality cotton-based branded goods to our clients based in the UK.

We produce the products in Turkey and personalise them to your company/brand’s requirements.

This means we can manage the product at source, guaranteeing you the best quality cotton- based goods.

We also provide printing, embroidery and jacquard services at a cost that is very competitive in the UK marketplace.

When you work with us, you are developing a relationship with a trusted supplier that will enable you to source products that are high quality without the price-tag.

Please fill in our contact query form. We will contact you and arrange a call to discuss your specific requirements.