Commercial laundry services by Vitaelux

We understand running a hotel is no walk in the park. So to help you lighten your load, we offer a carefully-managed laundry service to take all your washing off your hands. From pillowcases and bed linen to bathrobes and towels, we’ll take care of your washing so you can take care of everything else.

Why choose us

Bespoke washing
Unlike some laundry services who resort to pool washing, we log, inspect and clean all your items separately to guarantee superior results for you and your guests.

As well as limiting single-use plastic and harmful products wherever possible, we also collect and return your items using cloth laundry bags that are kind on the planet.

By staying adaptable to all your laundry requirements, our experienced team offers a clockwork service that delivers your freshly-cleaning laundry on time, every time.


How it works

At a pre-arranged regular time, our team will collect your laundry without causing disturbance to you or your guests.

To guarantee best results, our hands-on team individually inspect all items to check whether special cleaning is required.

Using industry-leading products and technology, we carefully wash your items as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

After sorting, ironing and folding your items, our team will deliver your fresh linen at a time convenient for you.

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